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Hello everyone. This is Thao of Kearny Mesa Smog Check 4191 Convoy St. We are now KMA Smog Check 7292 Opportunity Road Suite A 92111. Stay safe and have a good one.


4 months ago
Quick service very friendly. Very cost efficient. Easy to find location and very clean office. Comfortable chairs to wait spaced so no fear of Vivid. And comply with mask wearing. 🙌🙌 Recommend it to any and everyone
- Victoria S
2 months ago
I am very pleased with the professionalism they gave, excellent service , I will recommend 100% they provide clean waiting room!!
- Patricia C
2 years ago
Really great auto repair service. Came in and had my brakes done on my 2016 Honda Accord. Very reasonable price and fast. I would recommend them for anyone. They even picked me up from work.
- dana p

Best value smog check

It's not just another smog check.  Our price, expertise, and experience set us apart.  When it comes to smog, we are a to z because we have all the what ifs covered.  We have done ten of thousands of cars and we have seen it all since 2005. Our reviews on Yelp speak for themselves. We specialize in Emissions (smog) and Smog Check related repairs.   Our new facility is easier access for all even 30 feet long motorhomes.  Thank you for stopping by. Thao.

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More cases will be added later:
  1. A 1991 Honda Accord failed for hydrocarbon (HC). Check engine light was not on. The technician noticed pinging and subtle misfire under load. Otherwise plenty of power.  She spent over $1000 at several other shops and still failed smog for HC. We noticed new catalyst, new oxygen sensor, ignition timing retarded, new spark plugs and wires, and etc. Emission came down but not enough.  We diagnosed then did a thorough EGR valve clean and emissions were almost 0. Sample video courtesy of EricTheCarGuy on Youtube.  Usually a plugged EGR would fail for NOx, but this engine design has small individual exhaust passages to individual cylinder. When the EGR valve opened (in this case), the exhaust was channeled through passage(s) that were not clogged resulted in misfire. All passage(s) that clogged caused pinging under load at corresponding cylinder. We charged $180.  It's very tempting to bypass diagnostic and just throw parts at the problem. 
  2. A 2004 Toyota Camry V6 failed smog check for "check engine" light on.  The codes were for bank 1 lean and bank 1 oxygen sensor circuit. History prior to coming to us: Bank 1 air fuel ratio sensor (front), bank 1 oxygen sensor (rear), and bank 1 catalyst replaced. The same codes came back.  Upon detailed customer interview (not interrogation) we discovered that she originally came in because the check engine light was on for catalytic converter. Subsequent issues were after the catalyst was replaced. She been to many shops after that and we don't want to know how much $... Eventually, notice the pattern, she got to our shop.  We found a few pin holes in the exhaust after the air fuel sensor which would not turn on the Mil light but NOx would be high.  The new catalyst was for nothing because it didn't improve emission--air quality. We also noticed the wiring for the sensors were modified to reach the plug. The scanner showed unusual signals from the sensors. They were not what we expected.  We charged $100 for diagnostic and $50 to seal the pin holes.  $0 to swap the sensors--front to back/back to front.  We believe the first shop removed the 2 sensors to weld on the catalyst but reinstalled them wrong (swapped)? Low quality weld left pin holes along the seems. The sensors only go in one way may explain the wiring modifications? 
  3. Here we go again :( A 1999 Silverado with a 5.3L engine failed smog for lean code p0171 bank 1, evaporative and air pump monitors not ready.  He spent close to $1000 for new catalytic converter and oxygen sensors and clean/replace air check valves. He drove for hundreds of miles but the monitors still not set. Same codes keep coming back. The code prevented monitors from running. It went on for months before we met. Our diagnostic shows the air pump has power but doesn't spool. The filter for the air pump fell apart and clogged the intake and bound the impeller.  The air pump rebuild and diagnostic costs $350. The vehicle has a lot of issues but repairing fail smog is very precise.  It's easy to throw money (parts) at the car hoping for the best is not how it's done. 

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